Youth Confirmation


  • If you or your sponsor need to go to confession, please do so prior to 4/27.  Both of you will be participating in two sacraments this day and will need to be in a state of grace.  Confession is available prior to masses on Saturday/Sunday and during the week.
  • Dress Requirements
    • It is preferable for boys to wear: • white collared shirt and tie • dress slacks • dress shoes
    • It is preferable for girls to wear: • a white or pastel colored dress or a skirt and blouse • dress slacks and blouse • dress shoes
    • Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes/sneakers, spiked-heeled shoes, and “flip-flops” are not appropriate.
    • Girls shoulders should be covered. If girls wear sleeveless, strapless, or “spaghetti strap” dresses, they are to wear a sweater or shawl as well.
    • Skirt length should be modest and below the knees. 
  • Practices are important!
    • Wed 4/24 practice, 6pm, followed by 7:30 mass, student only
    • Fri 4/26 6:30 mass, followed by practice, 7pm student and sponsor (if sponsor hasn't arrived, parent must substitute)
    • Sat, 4/27 Confirmation Mass, 2pm
      • Please arrive by 1pm w/your sponsor. 
      • You will be given your photo number when you arrive. 
      • Any gifts that you have to be blessed will be taken to a table in the church.
      • You and your sponsor will have reserved seats.  Seats for your guests will be first come, first serve.


  • Sat 4/20/24 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Retreat
    • Registration starts at 830am at ABVM
    • Student must complete Form B and have Form A on file
    • Dress is casual; however, no leggings or shorts.  We will have Adoration.


Each of you is invited to attend the Triduum Services (Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday Passion Service, and the Easter Vigil). Families are strongly encouraged to celebrate the Triduum with the candidates.  In addition, try to spend time with Jesus during the "holy hour" before the Blessed Sacrament (at any catholic church, Adoration or visit the sanctuary).

It is strongly encouraged if you need to go to confession before the weekend masses to be in a state of grace by 4/27.  Also, bring along your sponsor!


  • If your student is scheduled for confirmation preparation (2025), the NET Retreat is this Sat 3/23/24 at ABVM. 
    • Registration starts at 10am and will end by 6pm.  Dress approriately.  We will be going to mass so no leggings or shorts please.
  • If your student was attending confirmation preparation (2024), test will be given on Sat 3/23 6pm-8pm
    • Gifts of the Holy Spirit Retreat will be on Sat 4/20 at ABVM
  • Service Opportunities
    • 3/24 Filling Eggs (1130a-1230p) :  Volunteers will fill the bigger eggs for Toddler, PK/KG.
    • 3/31 Easter Egg Hunt(s) : We will have one after each mass on Easter Sunday (Mass is at 1030a, 12p).  Volunteers will spread the eggs and help coordinate egg hunt.  There will be a section for Toddlers, PK/KG-5th.  We will start before each mass to be ready (930am).
    • 4/6 First Communion Retreat (830am-?) : Volunteers will help students with the flow of confession and at the 3 stations.
    • 5/4 First Communion Mass (9am-?) : Volunteers will help students with the flow of mass at 10am.



  • If your student is scheduled for confirmation preparation in 2025, the NET Retreat has been set for Saturday, 3/23/24. 
    • Form B will be given to the students on Wed 2/21.
  • If your student is currently in confirmation preparation (2024), the DLJC Retreat has been set for Saturday, 4/20/24.



  • Confirmation for ABVM/Decatur will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2024 2pm.
  • It is strongly encouraged that your teen and YOU go to confession as needed. 
  • Study prayers and memorize them.

*Sat 4/20/24 DLJC Retreat for student and sponsor, registration begins at 830am.  If sponsor cannot attend, then parent will need to participate.  Retreat will end with all going to 5pm mass.


  • Reminder of the deadline for all paperwork was Jan 13, 2024
    • Baptism and Communion certificates
    • Saints Report
    • Sponsor Form w/certificate or letter from parish attending
      • if single, confirmation certificate
      • if married, marriage certificate from parish
  • Be sure to enter your service hours into the app
  • Notes were sent home on Wed 1/17/24 with most updated information.  Please check spelling of names.
  • CHOSEN is broken into 3 sections
  • CHOSEN program (Ch 6,8)


  • Confirmation for ABVM/Decatur will be held on Saturday, April 27 2pm.
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Retreat (DLJC) for CF24 students with sponsor will be Sat April 20 at Decatur.  More info to come.
  • NET Ministries Retreat for students to be confirmed in 24-25 (CF25) will be Sat March 23.
  • Began CHOSEN program


  • Reminder of the deadline Jan 13, 2024 for ALL required paperwork
    • Baptism and Communion certificates
    • Saints Report
    • Sponsor Form w/certificate or letter from parish attending
      • if single, confirmation certificate
      • if married, marriage certificate from parish
  • Be sure to enter your service hours into the app
  • Continue to study the Outlines of the Catholic Faith
  • History of the Bible and how to navigate thru it
    • 73 books in the Bible (46/Old and 27/New)
    • 4 gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
    • Be familiar with the stories and at least a find a favorite verse




  • Students and parents learned about the liturgical year (colors and seasons), days of obligation, precepts of the church, 4 pillars and parts of the mass.  These topics are in the Outlines of the Catholic Faith booklets.
  • CF25. (Blue form at registration.  Forma azul en registro.)
    • Students who are in their 2nd year of Faith Formation towards Confirmation, will attend a NET Ministries Retreat on 3/23/24. Los estudiantes  quien estan en su sequndo año asistirán al Retiro de Ministerios NET el 3/23/24. 
  • CF24. (Pink form at registration.  Forma rosa en registro.)
    • All items need to be on file by Wed January 13, 2024 or earlier. No exceptions.  Todo los papels necesitan estar en la oficina el Miercoles 1/13/24 or antes.  No exceptions.
      • Commitment Form (Forma de Compromiso)
      • Student Baptism and First Communion Certificates (Certificados de Bautismo y Comunion)
      • Saint Report (typed or written) (Reporte de Santo)
      • Sponsor Form w/Certificate or Letter from parish priest of eligibility if from another diocese (Formulario de patrocinador con certificado o carta del párroco de elegibilidad si es de otro diocese)
      • Students will be attending a retreat (TBD).  (Los estudiantes asistiran un retiro.)


If you missed the parent meeting held on 9/24 at ABVM, please stop by the DRE office to check to see if your son/daughter is on the list for 23-24 Confirmation (CF) preparation and to pick up a commitment form.  CF Classes for student and parent begin 10/7.

Review page 11 from the Parent Handbook regarding Confirmation Expectations.

Sino Asistió a la Reunión de Padres el 24 de Septiembre , por favor pase por la oficina de la DRE para ver si su hijo(a) está en lista para la preparación para Confirmacion (CF) de 23-24  y pueda recoger una forma de compromiso.  Las clases de CF para estudiantes y padres comienzan 10/7.

Revise la página 11 del Manual de Padres sobre las expectativas de Confirmación.


* 9.6.23

ABVM Informational Meeting for Parent(s) / Reunion Informativa(s) para Padres

  • Review page 11 from the Parent Handbook regarding Confirmation Expectations.
  • Revise la página 11 del Manual de Padres sobre las expectativas de Confirmación.

Middle/High School classes are on Wednesday(s) from 6p-8p, including mass or a spiritual prayer service from 730p-8p.  This is a part of their class and the expectation is that each student participates within the spiritual service.  For mass, it will be as an altar server, in the choir, or as a lector.  We are praying that this will encourage them to select a ministry after being confirmed.

Las clases de Middle/High School son los Miercoles de 6p-8p, incluida la Misa o Servicio de Oracion Espirtual de 730p-8p.  Esta es parte de clase y la expectativa es que cada estudiante participe dentro del servicio espiritual.  Para la misa, sera monaguillo, en el coro o como lector.  Oramos para que esto los anime a seleccionar un ministerio despues de la Confirmacion.

Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation (CF) is a separate program from Faith Formation (Religious Education).

La Preparación Sacramental para la Confirmación (CF) es un Programa separado de la Formación en la Fe (Educación Religiosa).

If you plan on attending our preparation program and receiving the sacrament at another parish, you must get permission from the Bishop's office.

Si planea asistir a nuestro programa de preparación y recibir el sacramento en otra parroquia, debe obtener el permiso de la Oficina del Obispo.

Teen must: ● Be in 10th grade or older ● Have already received Sacraments of Baptism & Eucharist (if not, see RCIA) ● Must be actively attending weekly faith formation for TWO full years (with minimal absences) prior to beginning Confirmation Prep ● Must be able to participate in a retreat ● Must attend CF Prep ● Parent must attend informational meeting.

El adolescente debe: * Estar en el Décimo grado o más.* Ya haber recibido los Sacramentos del Bautismo y La Eucaristía (si no, ver RICA) * Debe estar asistiendo activamente a la Formación de Fe semanal durante DOS años completos (con un mínimo de ausencias) antes de comenzar la preparación * Poder participar en un retiro * Debe asistir a CF Prep. * Los Padres deben asistir a la reunión informativa.

Teen is expected to complete a minimum of 30 hours of service.  We do not accept paper logs.  There is an electronic form via Google to track your projects, Service Tracker.  For each project, teen should reflect on which Work of Mercy applied.  For more information, access the following: Service Tracker

Se espera que el adolescente complete un mínimo de 30 horas de servicio. No aceptamos registro en papel. Existe un formulario electrónico a través de Google para realizar un seguimiento de sus proyectos. Para cada proyecto el adolescente debe de reflexionar sobre qué Obras de Misericordia se aplicaron. Para información, acceda a lo siguiente: Service Tracker (horas de servicio)

Prayers to know / Oraciones que deben de saber

CF Candidate Commitment Form / Compromiso del Estudiante

CF Selecting a patron saint / Seleccionando un Santo

CF Saint Report / Reporte del Santo

CF Selecting a sponsor / Seleccionado un Padrino/Madrina

CF Sponsor Form / Compromiso del Padrino

CF Dress Requirements / Codigo de Vestimenta

CF Study Guide / Guia de Estudio

CF Interview Questions / Preguntas para la Entrevista

CF Review / Repaso

Service Opportunities (in the Community)