Altar Servers

*Next Altar Server Training will be held on Sunday March 19 after 10:30am mass.

“You are called to speak of Jesus to your contemporaries, not only those within your parishes or associations, but especially to those outside…May the Virgin Mary, who recognized herself as ‘handmaid of the Lord’ (Luke 1:38), be your model in serving God.” – Pope Francis, August 6, 2014

There is an app that will help with sacramentals, Catholic Words and Games 

*Altar Server Training was held on Sunday, 3/5/23 by Howard Biel.

*If your child is interested in serving in either the English or Spanish masses or both, contact Monica Lopez or Mele Mendez.  Sign up today!  My child wants to altar serve

Responsibilities of an Altar Server is to assist in carrying the cross, the processional candles, the Roman Missal for the Celebrant Priest and assist the Priest in other functions during the Mass. Serving as an Altar Server is an extreme privilege as they kneel so close to the altar as our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, becomes truly present in Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity upon the altar.

Values our Altar Servers Poses

  1. Service: Assist the Priest in Mass and Special Ceremonies.
  2. Formation: Attend all meetings to learn more about our Catholic Faith.
  3. Unity: Work together as a Parish Family and the community that surrounds them.

Altar Servers Eligibility & Requirements
Boys and Girls who have made their First Communion are eligible and encouraged to become an Altar Server. They must be willing and interested to participate on their own accord. Similarly, parents must undertake an active role in supporting their child. Training will be provided.