High School (9th-12th)

  • We will be using the program, Spirit of Truth : High School Theology
    • 9th Course I:The Revelation of Christ in Scripture
    • 10th-12th Course II:Encountering Christ
  • Please have your teens bring their resources to class: Bible, YouCat, Outlines of the Catholic Faith.  Teens receive these items in class beginning in 6th Grade (Bible), 7th (YouCat), 8th (Outlines) with a backpack.  If you are new to our community, please let us know and we will supply your teen with these items.

Course I: The Revelation of Christ in Scripture

Students will gain knowledge and appreciation of Sacred Scripture from the Old Testament to the New Covenant in Christ, as well as the early Church.  Includes a special focus on the Gospels where students will meet Jesus Christ and develop a deeper Faith in Him.

Students will be led to deeply understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the living Word of God. They'll learn who He is and what he calls each of them to be.

Course II: Encountering Christ

This course introduces students to the Blessed Trinity in and through the fullness of God’s revelation of Himself: Jesus Christ. They will study the Incarnation, the union of Christ’s two natures, Jesus as the exemplar of humanity, as well as the unique role of Mary, the mother of God.

This course prepares students to overcome the challenges of Faith, and leads them to a more profound understanding of what it means to believe.