First Reconciliation/Communion

3.4.23 Review

  • 3/25 Test, please enter by side door by kitchen.  Once children are finished, they can leave.  We will call those that need to study a little bit more.  I will post on remind once those phone calls have been completed.
  • 4/1 Retreat, check in 830am, we will start with confessions, then rotate in small groups. Parents will be in class while children rotate.  Ending time will depend on confessions.  Hopefully, before noon.
  • Go to
  • Crate an account
  • Search for jbdcatholics or RE/HC Review
  • Once you find it, launch the game. A pin will be given.
  • On another device, go to
    • have your child enter the pin to join the game.
  • Review away!!

*UPDATE* 2.18.23 (*Moved 2/25 to 2/18 due to MS Rally)



  • First Communion for ABVM students has been set for Saturday, May 6, 2023 at 10am.
  • HC Retreat is on Saturday, 4/1, registration begins at 8:30am for parent and student.
  • If you haven't already, please turn in your child's baptism certificate.
  • Parent Lesson: Bible


  • Parent Lesson: Rosary

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Classes begin again in 2023....Sat 1/14/2023

Sat 12/10 RE Retreat, registration begins at 830am, at least one parent should attend with student.  The students will receive 1st Reconciliation.  Student will participate in 3 stations while parents are in FORMED/Forgiven session.  We will end together in the church hopefully by 11:30am-12pm.  Ending time depends on students and confession.

Sat 11/19 RE Session #4

  • The 10 Commandments
  • Today is the last session for Confession classes
  • Students will receive 1st Reconciliation at the Retreat on 12/10
    • If you haven't already turned in your child's baptism cerificate, please do so prior to Sat 12/10
    • Communion classes start Jan 14 2023 for parent and child.  Please see schedule of dates below.
    • No HC mass dates have been set as yet.

Sat 11/5 RE Session #3

Tue Nov 1 All Saints Day Mass, 5p/English & 7p/Español @ABVM
RE/HC students be there by 6pm, dressed as your saint
Estudiantes llegan a las 6pm, vestidos como su santo

Sat 10/15 RE Session #2

  • Watched The Greatest Miracle / El Gran Milagro.  This movie is free on youtube.
  • Reminded parents....
    • 10/29 Saints Festival (Trunk-o-Treat, Saints Walk), including YM Fundraiser.  Asking for donations of items to make pozole.
    • 11/1 All Saints Day Mass (time to be announced), students will come dressed as saint
    • 11/5 Saint Report due, next class
    • Have students come up for blessing (arms crossed) at mass.  For Wed students (6th-12th), be sure to talk with students not to receive communion yet, only blessing.
    • For 3rd-5th, use blue mass booklets.  For 6th-12th, use missalettes.

Sat 10/8 RE Session #1


If you missed the parent meeting for ABVM held on Sunday 9/18, please stop by the DRE office to check to see if your son/daughter is on the list for 22-23 preparation and to pick up a commitment form.  Classes for student and parent begin 10/08.  Historically, we offered two sessions, morning and afternoon.  This year, the dates have been set but, only ONE session will be offered, 9am-11am for ABVM parishioners.

Review page 10 from the Parent Handbook regarding First Reconciliation and First Communion Expectations.

Si no asistió a la Reunión de Padres el 12 de Septiembre por favor pase por la oficina de la DRE , para verificar si su hijo (a) está en la lista de 22-23 para preparacion y para recoger una forma de Compromiso. Las clases para Estudiantes y Padres comienzan el 8 de Octobre.  Históricamente, ofrecíamos dos sesiones, mañana y tarde.  Este año, las fechas se han establecido pero, solo se ofrecerá UNA sesión, 9am-11am para personas que van a la iglesia de ABVM.

Revise la página 10 del Manual de Padres sobre las expectativas de la Primera Reconciliación y Primera Comunion.


Child must : ● Be in 3rd grade or older ● Have already been Baptized (if not, see RCIA) ● Must be actively attending weekly Faith Formation for at least ONE year prior to beginning RE/HC Prep ● Parent & child must attend RE/HC Prep, including Retreat ● Parent must attend informational meeting

El niño debe : - Estar en 3er grado o más -Haber sido Bautizado (si no, ver RCIA) -Debe estar asistiendo activamente a la Formación de Fe durante al menos UN AÑO antes de comenzar RE/ HC Prep -Los padres y el niño deben asistir a RE/HC Prep, incluido el Retiro -Los padres deben haber asistido a la reunión informativa. 

Is my child ready? / Esta listo su nino?

JBD Prayers to know / Oraciones

RE/HC Study Guide / Guia

If you plan on attending our preparation program and receiving the sacrament at another parish, you must get permission from the Bishop's office.  Contact our office for more information.  Si planea asistir a nuestro programa de preparación y recibir el sacramento en otra parroquia, debe obtener el permiso de la oficina del Obispo.  Contacte nuestra oficina para mas informacion.