Online 1st-8th

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  • Within the Lessons...
    • You have to use a click/drag to scroll up/down within the text.  Sophia is working on scroll bars for all sub-windows.
    • If answers are submited and the teacher feels that the student needs to rethink their answers, the activity will be reassigned for them to do again.
    • If an activity has already been submitted, the student can do it again if they enjoyed the activity. 



We have opened a ticket with Sopia to report the issue of activities being completed and the next one not being unlocked.  Thank you for your patience as we work thru this new program.  We will let you know as soon as we hear what we need to do.

10.20.2020  The textbooks have arrived! Please stop by on Wed, 10/21 6:30-7:30pm at ABVM or Thu, 10/22 5:00-6:30pm at St John to pick up your book.  Your userid/password will be on the book, along with the link for the application.

10.20.2020 Los libros han llegado! Por favor vengan para recoger su libro el Mie, 10/21 6:30-7:30pm en ABVM o Jue, 10/22 5:00-6:30pm en St John.  Su usuario/contrasena estara en el libro, junto con el website para la aplicacion.


10.12.20 The 20-21 Calendar is a timeline to help you, as a family, complete the course by the end of the 20-21 year with 1hr lessons.

If your student was enrolled in online/digital formation for 1st thru 8th grade, the program is called Spirit of Truth.  Your student will be provided a textbook, along with digital access. 1st/2nd grade lessons are a swiping capability to make the lessons easier to navigate.  3rd-8th activities will increase based on grade level.

Parents--you can setup you iPad or tablets by downloading either the Apple or Android student app. IMPORTANT: The textbook app will not appear in the app store on mobile phones; it will only appear on tablets. If you plan on using a browser version (laptop or desktop), no set-up is necessary, you may simply visit . Important! The textbook app will not appear in the app store on mobile phones; it will only appear on tablets. 

Userid = firstname.lastname

Password =  date of brith (no spaces or dashes)