Religious Education

Mission Statement of Religious Education

The Mission of the Catholic Communities of Jack and Wise County is to proclaim Jesus’ message by participating in the community’s efforts to educate children, youth, adults and families in the Catholic Faith by developing a proper catechetical formation process, and leading people to worship God and dedicate their service to others.

Catechesis is a responsibility of the entire Christian community:

Formation of Children, Youth or adults should not be the work of catechists and priests alone, but it is a spiritual responsibility of the whole community of the faithful. The Christian community follows the developments of catechetical processes, for children, youth and adults, as a duty that involves and binds directly. (GDC 220) A fully Christian community can exist only when a systematic catechesis of all its members takes place and when an effective and well developed catechesis of adults is regarded as the central task of the catechetical enterprise.” (ACCC, no.25).